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Our Manifesto consists of five core beliefs. These beliefs shape our work philosophy and outlook on our future:

1. Respect - respect is at the core of Dalgoona. Our team members bring with them a wide variety of opinions, experiences, and traits. As such, we strive to listen, appreciate, and consider the things they bring to Dalgoona. Like how food is diverse, people are diverse, and we embrace diversity.

2. Kaizen – Kaizen is a Japanese word defined as “continuous improvement.” Growth is oftentimes incremental. At Dalgoona, all team members abide by the Kaizen philosophy both at work and at home. There may be no such thing as perfection, but that doesn’t mean we won’t strive to become the best that we can be. Every day is a journey to be at least 1% better than yesterday. That way, one year of constant growth means a 365% improvement!

3. Abundance & Growth – Here at Dalgoona, we seek out ways to learn and grow so that we can achieve both personal and professional success. Obstacles are opportunities. At Dalgoona, we focus on creation and growth, not destruction and stagnation.

Even a beautiful flower will wilt away when planted in bad soil. That’s why we make sure that the soil at Dalgoona is nourishing.

We have partnered with some of the world’s top self-development and life coaches. This is so that we can provide our team members with programs to enrich their everyday lives.

We also provide a balanced work-life integration divorced from a traditional 9 to 5 job. We give our team members the freedom to work in the office, on the beach, or at home.

Want to make breakfast for your family every morning? Go ahead!

Want to take a few hours in the afternoon to watch your kid's soccer game? Be our guest!

It’s one thing to desire improvement. It’s another thing to have systems in place to empower you to do so. We don’tjust talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Another thing we encourage is entrepreneurship. Many people think that entrepreneurship is only about starting a business. The thing is, it’s also about innovation and solving problems. It’s about serving others and letting your vision change the world.

Many of our team members give birth to world-changing ideas. At Dalgoona, we encourage team members to spend time pursuing their passions. If that means providing mentors, clarity, and capital, then that's what we'll do. Our team members are not alone. With Dalgoona's resources at their disposal, we know they'll change the world.

We've invested in team members' ideas countless times. Some people have asked us, “What if they leave the company to pursue their dreams?”

Well, we treat everyone well. Many of our team members choose to stay, but if they want to spread their wings, we won’t deny them. We’ll miss the friends that leave, but we know they’ll create positive changes in the world.

4. Community – Our community is our family. We commit ourselves to deliver the best possible service. We strive to impart joy with every interaction, even if it’s something as small as an emoticon. We want people to look forward to doing business with us, and we won't be shy about that. You can look forward to entertaining ads and random acts of kindness to our customers.

5. Fun – An average person will spend 1⁄3 of their lives working– that's 90,000 hours! At Dalgoona, we want to create a meaningful work environment. This is where team members can have fun and build lasting relationships.

Do we take our workseriously? Yes.

Do we create top-tier products?Absolutely.

Are there times of high intensity? You bet.

But we never, EVER, neglect to have fun. We hold frequent social events where team members can enjoy great food and great company. We have product launch parties where we invite customers, friends, family, and partners.We focus on creating memorable and meaningful life experiences to ensure that you don’t regret the time you spend with us.